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Albert Hamilton

Tue 25th July 2017

How accurate customer insight can improve marketing

Without accurate customer insight, you could be marketing to the wrong stage of the AIDA model. To develop effective advertising campaigns, marketers have been using variations of the AIDA marketing model for more than 100 years.  Channelling potential customers through developing Awareness, generating Interest, then creating Desire through to prompting Action can been seen underpinning […]

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Angeline Martin

Wed 24th May 2017

Customer surveys

Why in-store customer surveys are crucial to retailers What is the best way to get a customer’s true opinion? An online survey a few days after a shopping experience? A follow-up telephone call? Or is it a face-to-face customer survey the moment they finish their shop? At CARD Group, a UK based market research agency, […]

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Albert Hamilton

Wed 30th November 2016

Community Consultation

Six key points for a successful community consultation The reform of the Northern Ireland planning system places responsibility for planning decisions with local councils. Councils must demonstrate community engagement both as part of the Local Development Plan (LDP), and ongoing. A core part of this are community consultations. A successful community consultation requires: 1) Clear […]

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Customer research informs market segmentation

Customer Research

Wed 9th November 2016

Why it's risky to markt to your average customer

Why it’s risky to market to your ‘average’ customer

Wed 21st September 2016

Overcome big data limitations with big qual

Big Data limitations and how to overcome them with Big Qual

Fri 9th September 2016

Why ‘Off-the-shelf’ doesn’t work in market research

Tue 16th August 2016

Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre Market Research

Wed 27th April 2016

Selecting the right research tools

Thu 24th March 2016

Shopping centre market research

Market Research Definitions

Mon 4th January 2016