Town Centres

Research for Town Planning and Urban Development

We deliver accurate town planning customer insights via a range of market research techniques.

The changing dynamics of town centres combined with continually evolving consumer behaviour has led to increased competition for custom.  Over the years, CARD Group has delivered insightful research to a wide range of public sector clients.

Our experience and expertise ensures that we execute accurate visitor research projects to discover consumer insights such as:

  • Who your visitors are and where they come from
  • What your visitors think of your destination or attraction
  • Why your visitors selected your destination or attraction
  • Visitor expenditure

We can also pinpoint crucial shopper insights such as:

  • Who your higher spending and most valuable visitors are
  • How to attract more of these higher spending visitors.

These consumer insights have empowered our town centre management clients to develop marketing strategies to adapt to changing consumer needs and demands, to improve the customer experience and ultimately to increase revenue.


In the town planning market research sector, our clients include both councils and Business Improvement Districts.


Town planning research and survey services

Our town planning research and survey services provide a strong base for town centre projects including:

  • Urban regeneration / urban renewal / urban development
  • Environmental planning
  • Residential planning
  • Town centre regeneration
  • Public and community consultation
  • Stakeholder research
  • Community planning
  • Local economic development
  • Business improvement districts (BIDs)

We operate across the UK and Ireland as well as Europe and beyond.  Whatever your needs are, we can tailor our town planning research services to meet your specific requirements.