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Angeline Martin

Wed 26th September 2018

3 Reasons why Marketing Managers cannot live on digital metrics alone

Market research has evolved over the past few years to encompass data gathered via social media monitoring and website analytics.  Whilst these relatively new technologies provide a useful service to companies, they cannot replace traditional market research.  Accurate market research remains vital to developing an effective marketing strategy. These are some of the reasons why… […]

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Albert Hamilton

Tue 19th June 2018

How good market research can improve the effectiveness of your budget

Good market research can improve your marketing strategy.  Effective marketing is rarely accomplished through a one-shot campaign.  It’s essential to engage the audience through a conversation, a sequence of messages, and here’s why. Every individual who encounters the campaign will have a different level of connection with the location, product or the service.  They will […]

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Albert Hamilton

Wed 25th April 2018

7 steps to developing an excellent quantitative market research study

Market research is one of those things everyone thinks they should be able to do.  I mean, how hard is it to draw up a couple of questions, right?  In truth, producing reliable research is straightforward enough, provided you know the rules. At CARD Group, we’ve devised the mnemonic PHOBIAS to guide our thinking when […]

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Business improvement district best practices compass

Business Improvement District Best Practices

Mon 20th November 2017

How accurate customer insight can improve marketing

Tue 25th July 2017

customer surveys

Customer surveys

Wed 24th May 2017

6 key points for a successful community consultation

Community Consultation

Wed 30th November 2016

Customer research informs market segmentation

Customer Research

Wed 9th November 2016

Why it's risky to markt to your average customer

Why it’s risky to market to your ‘average’ customer

Wed 21st September 2016

Overcome big data limitations with big qual

Big Data limitations and how to overcome them with Big Qual

Fri 9th September 2016