Community Consultation: Six key points for a successful consultation

Albert Hamilton




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Six key points for a successful community consultation


A successful community consultation requires:

1) Clear and unambiguous objectives for the community consultation

2) Appropriate and actively-inclusive community consultation methods

3) A community consultation plan detailing opportunities to participate and deadlines

4) Effective publicity to ensure all groups, including hard-to- reach, have the information needed to enable participation

5) Effective communication of the outcomes of the community consultation

6) An evaluation of the success of each mechanism used, to invest in future community consultations.

Each of the above aspects are littered with pitfalls, any one of which can distract from the core purpose of the community consultation. An independent and experienced perspective can make all the difference between indisputable evidence and subjective interpretation.

Stakeholder engagement enables a better-informed plan, which garners greater community support as the plan moves towards adoption.

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