As a full service market research company, we help clients to solve business problems with accurate market research and actionable customer insights

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CARD Group – A Full Service Market Research Company

As one of the leading full service market research companies in the UK and Ireland, we help clients solve business problems by delivering accurate customer insights and empowering a deeper customer understanding.  Our high quality market research service accurately captures customer behaviour enabling us to make sense of what matters most.

Our market research company offers multiple benefits including, for example, the following:

  • Development of a deeper understanding regarding current and potential customer’s needs and behaviours on which to base a marketing strategy
  • Assistance with developing customer segments to find out why certain aspects of their business are not performing as expected
  • Finding out why customers do or do not buy
  • Finding out why certain customer demographics are not visiting a shopping mall or town centre
  • Discovering if opening another branch at a certain location would have a detrimental effect on an existing branch

and much more.

Established in 2003, CARD Group market research agency is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  We work with clients across the United Kingdom, Ireland and beyond.  As one of the best market research companies in the UK and Ireland, we have developed highly accurate approaches to providing customer insight via our high quality data collection and analysis. Find out more about CARD Group.


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One of the leading market research companies in the United Kingdom and Ireland

As one of the top market research companies in the UK and Ireland, our highly accurate insights ensure that our clients partner with us for years, as we continue to provide insights crucial to their business success.  We provide accurate customer insight derived from high quality quantitative and qualitative data collection.  Our insights are based on our degree level statistical and psychological resources ensure the correct methodology is applied to the development and implementation of each project to ensure the most accurate data possible.  In addition, our processes are founded on ISO quality standards and comply with both the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and ESOMAR best practice.

Our analytical and customer insight services include:

  • Qualitative research: Depth Interviews, focus groups, ethnography and more
  • Quantitative research: Customer surveys, face to face surveys, online surveys and more
  • Advertising evaluation: Digital imagery

We deliver some of the best market research in terms of data collection and customer insight:

 – Shopping centre market research

 – Retail park research

 – Retail research

 – Leisure and hospitality research

 – Travel and tourism research

 – Town centre research

 – Business Improvement District (BID) research

 – Local government research / public sector research

 – Event evaluation

 – Food market research

 – Care Home market research


CARD Group’s success is attributed to our tried and trusted market research methods being highly transferable. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to implement multiple market research projects across many sites and in a variety of languages.  Our efficient data capture and analytical methods enables speedy and effective report delivery to our clients.

Choose CARD Group and discover how accurate research improves business results.