Continuous Customer Opinion Monitoring (C-COM) for shopping centres

Improve marketing effectiveness and maximise retailer sales with 52 weeks of visitor insights

Any effective marketing strategy has at its centre, a deep understanding of the customer. It makes sense that the better we know our customers, the better we can market our offer to them.

However shopping centres and retail parks have had to market to shoppers without enough current information on who is visiting, how they are interacting with retailers and food and beverage services, and how often they shop elsewhere.


Now there is a better way to accurately understand visitors.


Continuous Consumer Opinion Monitoring (C-COM) provides 52 weeks of visitor insights with statistically accurate reports every month.

Shopping centres and retail parks can now see how their catchment and visitor profiles change month by month. This dynamic catchment model identifies, rather than ignores, local fluctuations and in doing so highlights areas where different marketing strategies would be more effective.


C-COM provides real visitor information as well as catchment modelling. As both are essential to understanding local potential and actual success, C-COM is therefore unrivalled in visitor information accuracy.

C-COM shows what visitors do, why they do it, and provides reasons for their behaviour.

Dynamic catchment profiling enables you to view seasonal peaks and troughs in visitor numbers along with associated postcode areas. Static profiling misses these dramatic visitor changes because these single weeks of research are averaged across the year.


The chart below demonstrates the benefits of C-COM over standard once a year visitor monitoring.

C-COM benefits chart


Improve consumer profiling with constant data

  • Target¬†higher spending consumers
  • Identify areas of high and low performance month by month (see chart below)
  • Develop a highly accurate visitor profile to help identify any gaps in your shopping centre mix.
  • Assist with retailer sales forecasting
  • Increase footfall


Easily evaluate the return on investment for every marketing campaign throughout the year

  • Find out which of your marketing strategies are most effective at increasing revenue
  • Monthly proof that marketing plans are achieving objectives
  • Real-time market research results allow you to revise and amend marketing campaigns whilst they are still active
  • Increase retailer sales with accurately targeted and well promoted events


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